Civic Engagement & Service Education Partnership Program
Engaged Luncheons

CESEP Engaged Luncheon Series


The CESEP Engaged Luncheon Series gives an opportunity for faculty and community partners dedicated to community practice to hear from local and national experts on issues related to civic engagement.  Starting in Spring 2009 with a presentation by Dr. Doug Greenberg, Executive Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, which discussed what makes Rutgers an engaged university, the luncheons offer faculty members and community partners the opportunity to share scholarship, network across disciplines and learn best practices in campus community partnerships.  Other speakers featured included Dr. Clement Price (shown on the right), noted historian and director of the Institute of Ethnicity, Culture, and Modern Experience at Rutgers Newark and Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, Director of Rutgers' Center for Strategic Urban Community Leadership. Future talks will include topics such as community-based research, community partners as co-educators, community-based teaching and 21st Century Learning Goals, etc.



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